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Completion of Subproject 1: Assessment of Substance Use and Principles of Good Practice in Help Offers

Subproject 1 of the PREPARE research network has been completed.
From March 2019 to March 2022, we conducted research on a comprehensive overview of substance use among refugees in Germany. In addition, strategies of "good practice" were identified with experts from addiction support and other related fields of work, which ensure the needs-adequate care of refugees. Last but not least, we were able to conduct a nationwide online survey in which more than 300 representatives of addiction support facilities in Germany that are members of the DHS provided information on the status of implementation of the identified strategies in their facilities.

The results of the project are not only interesting from a scientific point of view, but should also support professionals in the field of addiction support in reaching and caring for refugees. In addition, there are also findings that may be relevant for employees of refugee aid and social work professionals in the areas of integration and migration, in order to sensitively address substance use in their work and to deal with it.

Due to the high relevance for practice, you will find all results published so far on this online platform.

Are you interested in an overview of substance use among refugees? Take a look at the research reports for the Munich, Leipzig and Bremen sites (coming soon).
Several scientific publications will follow soon.

Interested in "good practice" strategies for reaching and serving refugees in addiction services? Take a look at a handout we created that includes all 39 identified strategies, organized into 9 topics.
A scientific publication on this will follow shortly as well.

Would you like to know to what extent these strategies of "good practice" have already been implemented in addiction support in Germany? You will soon find the link to the corresponding report here.

As an addiction support organization, would you like to open up to refugee clients? We are happy to support you and hope to inspire you with a collection of practical examples from all over Germany.

We would like to sincerely thank all our cooperation partners, interviewed professionals, surveyed experts and the many student assistants for their active support over the past three years. A big thank you goes to the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for funding the collaborative project PREPARE.

Laura Hertner, Panagiotis Stylianopoulos (Research Assistants)

Dr. Simone Penka (Project Manager)



PUBLICATION Substance (mis)use among refugees as a matter of social ecology: insights into a multi-site rapid assessment in Germany

ONLINE-ARTICLE Substance use among refugees - Points of contact by addiction support facilities

RESEARCH REPORT on substance use among refugees - Munich

RESEARCH REPORT on substance use among refugees - Leipzig

HANDOUT Strategies of "good practice" for addiction support - reaching and providing for refugees

COLLECTION of "practical examples" of the care of refugees in addiction aid