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Collection of "practical examples" of the care of refugees in addiction aid

PREPARE - Subproject 1

This collection of practical examples is the result of sub-project 1 "Assessment of substance use and principles of good practice in support services" of the PREPARE research network funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

In this collection, projects, facilities and services of addiction support in Germany are listed on the basis of project profiles, which, according to their own assessment, succeed in reaching and/or caring for refugees.

The collection of practical examples is based on a survey of all addiction aid projects organized in DHS on the implementation of strategies for providing and reaching people who have fled. 329 addiction services participated in the online survey. As part of this, some services left project descriptions, materials, and lessons learned. The collection "Practical examples" presents a selection of these offers.


Laura Hertner, Panagiotis Stylianopoulos, Simone Penka

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