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Recognizing addiction. For relatives and friends of people with addiction - Pashtu

ملګرو له پاره د معتادينو د خپلوانو او.اعتياد وپېژنئ

The booklet is aimed at relatives and friends of people suffering from addiction. The following aspects are explored in simple language:

(1) Do you know these thoughts?

(2) What should I know about this?

(3) What signals should I watch out for?

(4) What can I do?

(5) What offers are there for me?

An overview of this resource can be found on the website of the city Dresden (https://www.dresden.de/de/leben/gesundheit/beratung/sucht/publikationen-und-downloads.php) under the subheading "Sucht und Migration".

The resource is also available in German, English, Russian, Arabic, Tigrinya and Farsi.


Landeshauptstadt Dresden

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