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Instrument: DUDIT (Drug Use Identification Test) -Arabic

اختلالات مصرف مواد مخدر

The DUDIT (Drug Use Identification Test) is an effective, self-administered screening tool for drug-related problems and was developed to complement the AUDIT. It provides information on the expression of drug use and criteria for substance abuse/harmful use and dependence according to ICD10 and DSM-4.

An overview of this resource can be found at https://www.emcdda.europa.eu/drugs-library/drug-use-disorders-identification-test-dudit_en.

The resource is also available on in German, English, Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, French, Kanuri, Vietnamese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovakian, Spanish, Swedish, Bosnian, Hebrew, Icelandic, Nepalese, Sami and Serbian.


2002, Berman et al.

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