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Drug consumption and need for help by refugees in low-threshold addiction support facilities in Germany [german]

On the one hand, the research project on drug use and support needs of refugees in low-threshold facilities in Germany aimed to determine nationwide whether and at which locations drug-dependent refugees are reached by the addiction support system. On the other hand, it was intended to provide information on the nationality, biography, use patterns and treatment needs of the refugees as well as on the support needs of the addiction support facilities frequented by drug-dependent refugees.

An overview of this resource can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Health (https://www.bundesgesundheitsministerium.de/fileadmin/Dateien/5_Publikationen/Drogen_und_Sucht/Berichte/Abschlussbericht/Abschlussbericht_Gefluechtete_Drogenabhaengige.pdf).


Center for Interdisciplinary Addiction Research at the University of Hamburg

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