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Drugs in Germany Information on dealing with legal and illegal drugs - pashtu

الکويل مرشوبات په املان کې له الکويل مرشوباتو رسه د چلند کولو په اړه معلومات

The flyer provides an overview of the use of legal and illegal drugs in Germany. The sale and purchase as well as the possession and consumption of the substances tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, opioids and amphetamines are illustrated by means of an example. Furthermore, the contents of this fyler include the task of the police, penalties for buying/selling/trafficking, the right to remain silent, German law and the Narcotics Act (BtMG). 

An overview of this resource can be found on the website of the state capital Dresden (https://www.dresden.de/de/leben/gesundheit/beratung/sucht/publikationen-und-downloads.php). This resource is also available in German, English, Persian, Arabic and Tigrinya. 


Landeshauptstadt Dresden

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