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Instrument: Substance Use Risk Profile Scale (SURPS) - French

Une échelle mesurant les traits liés aux profils de consommation de substances spécifiques au renforcement

The Substance Use Risk Profile Scale (SURPS) is based on a model of personality risk for substance abuse in which four personality dimensions (hopelessness, anxiety sensitivity, impulsivity, and sensation seeking) are associated with specific patterns of substance use. The current series of studies is a preliminary investigation of the psychometric properties of the SURPS in two populations (college students and high school students).

The 23 Items of the SURPS by Castonguay-Jolin et al. (2013) can be found here: French Validation. The instrument in English was originally developed by Woicik et al. (2009).

The resource is also available in Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Irish, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Sinhala, Spanish and Turkish.


2013, Castonguay-Jolin et al.

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