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BePrepared: The app for young refugees about alcohol and cannabis – and how to handle both safely – Pashtu

BePrepared: د الکولو اوبنګو پھ اړه د ځوان کډوالو App - دا لپاره اوڅنګھ باید دھغھ سره چلند وشي َ

BePrepared (Culture-sensitive digital screening and brief intervention for young refugees with hazardous alcohol and/ or cannabis use) is part of the research association PREPARE (Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders in Refugees). The app is free of charge and anonymous.

You want…

  • … to determine your own goals?
  • … to keep in track of everything?
  • … information about alcohol and cannabis?
  • … to change something?
  • … to find alternatives?
  • … to relax?
  • … local assistance?

Any information or details revealed by yourself within this app will not be disclosed to any third parties.

Download now from Play Store for free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dai.com.prepare

An overview of this resource can be found on the website www.beprepared-app.de.

This resource is also available in German, English, Farsi and Arabic.



Year of publication


  • Publikation stammt aus PREPARE-Forschungsverbund


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